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2010-08-23 :: Luke Bacon // Mixes + Music + Sounds
Mix 3. Alphaville/The Foundation

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series was one of the first things that helped me to enjoy reading and since then I’ve always been drawn to sci-fi (also, I used to be in a band where all the lyrics were based on dystopian novels like 1984, Brave New World, and We). It’s an incredibly popular genre and different people love […]

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2010-04-01 :: Luke Alexander Nash Bacon // Mixes + Music + Sounds
Mix 2. For Xiaofu

So Xiaofu absolutely hated my last mix. Far too much reverb apparently. Maybe Pure Imagination, already an atmospheric track, didn’t need to sound like it was coming out of a deep dark cave. I thought at the time that it it did, but Xiaofu says I was wrong. Anyway, this time round, for Xiaofu, I’ve made […]

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2010-03-21 :: Luke Alexander Nash Bacon // Mixes + Music
Mix 1. London Winter

This is a mix of some stuff I’ve been listening to over the last 6 months but finished while I was in London over January/February. It definitely has an emotional, cold winter vibe. I think you could watch some sci-fi to get in the mood for a synthetic winter. I’m sure Xiaofu will hate it […]

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